Author Services

Jan B. King is a publishing strategist who can give you professional advice and support in writing to the audience, independent (self) versus established commercial publishers, positioning the book for maximum success, finding a publisher or becoming a publisher, referring you to professionals in the industry, building an author platform and a marketing plan based on online book marketing strategies. She never accepts referral fees from any of the professional she recommends so you can expect to work with only the most ethical masters in their fields of expertise, whether that is an editor, a cover designer or a web site designer.

* You want to learn from the best because you want to challenge yourself to be the best…
* You want to master your subject and your ability to communicate it….
* You want consistent, constant and honest feedback you know you can count on so when you are good, you can count on it…
* You are in this for the long haul because you have a passion and a long term purpose that transcends book sales alone…
* You want the journey to transform you, not just the reader…

It’s a Brand New Day in the Book Publishing World and You Need a Brand New Approach to Succeed as an Author and/or Publisher. When we work together you can count on me to:

  • Be honest but gentle when I critique your book. You are paying me to be truthful about all aspects of your work. I don’t edit your work, but what I do is to represent your target reader. I read chapter as you write them or an entire manuscript you think you have completed. I read for marketability, for what would strengthen your chapters, building what the media covers into the manuscript.
  • To return critiques with 7 days as the norm.
  • Help you determine what type of publishing is best for you and your book and a strategy to pursue your goals.
  • Guide you through the entire manuscript creation and publishing process, generally talking every couple of weeks.
  • And speaking of our coaching relationship, we can talk once a once, twice a month or more often during busy times. We will customize the process so it works for you.
  • Help you to commit to your book by partnering with a person has decades of experience so you will know you are on track for meeting your deadlines.A point of clarification: As a book coach, I use binoculors to get the long view. When you use an editor, that person uses microscopes and focuses on perfecting the details.
  • Charge you a one-time very fair fee for the entire project so you can budget accordingly.