Book Coaching

Book Dreams Fulfilled in a Surprisingly Simple Way. Conquer the Fears that stop you from starting or finishing

You Have an Idea for Book – But Will It Sell, How Do You Want To Publish It and Who Can You Trust To Give You Good Advice with No Personal Agenda to Make Money from Your Book?

Book coaching is a process customized to your needs as an author. We work together virtually, by phone and by email as often as you wish. I help you organize your material and coach you how to write it to maximize your communication and connection to your readers. I critique your work so you know you’re on the right course. And I help you to stay focused, get started and get finished.

I’ve been an acquisitions editor for a mid-sized nationally recognized publisher (and later the CEO) so I know what makes a good book and what publishers are looking for. I’ve also helped many people self publish successfully. I know what it takes to write a marketable book. I can also refer you to other world-class publishing professionals like cover designers, editors, ghostwriters, book marketers and more.

My advice to you is to only consider working with a book coach who has background working for a major publisher. Anyone can use the title of “book coach” or “publisher” but without the right experience and connections you can’t trust the advice given.

I work with nonfiction clients who want to make a difference in the world and are willing to work to make that happen so that the finished product will stand the test of time. Books are intended to transform the lives of readers. The goal is to make you a successfully published author…but my real mission is to take you beyond the limitations you think you have in writing and publishing a book.

The process of writing a book is a self-development journey like no other, where you learn to connect with an audience who wants you to take risks, be yourself, share your passion and teach what you know.

There is no reason a new or aspiring author should expect to know everything about the publishing world and how best to work within it. Get the advice you need from an unbiased expert you can trust to tell you the truth about your work and how to make the most of it.

Do you want help in staying focused as you build your manuscript and/or build your business? Do you want someone who will work with you to help you with a good basic structure and help you develop your own process for writing a book you will be proud of for years to come?

Do you want referrals to editors, cover designers, graphic artists, indexers, printers, author’s assistants, social media experts and others who are a great value to the self publishing author/publisher? Experts who won’t take a percentage of your profits or expect to keep some of the rights to your book or intellectual property?

Do you want to know whether you have a marketable idea for a book from a long-time acquisition editor and publisher so you get perspective about how to create the best manuscript possible?

How We Work Together

We start with up to a one hour COMPLEMENTARY publishing strategy consultation including:

  1. Talking about how to approach your project to maximize success. Most authors don’t realize that marketing starts with how a book is written and there are certain things that make books more interesting to a publisher, the media and the audience.
  2. The options for publishing – a legitimate established commercial publisher (they never charge you fees up front – they pay you. OR self publish your book – it is easier than you think, when you do it the right way. Don’t get stuck with a POD publisher that charges fees up front and makes promises for sales they can’t keep.

Ongoing book coaching and publishing strategy includes:
Book coaching and publishing strategy includes bi-weekly or monthly coaching telephone calls and unlimited emails, referrals to high-value professionals (editors, book cover designers, printers, author’s assistants, etc.) and strategic discussions of what is best in all areas for you and your book. All your book creation, publishing and book marketing questions will be answered!
Specifically Including:

  • A detailed reading of all relevant materials such as transcripts, outlines, overviews, manuscripts in part or in full, book proposals, contracts, marketing or business plans, etc.
  • A review and professional critique with feedback in writing or verbally as needed. The first review would be of everything existing at the time of the start of our work. You send me your work and we spend 60-90 minutes discussing your strategies.You will have the answers to these questions:
    1. Is your idea marketable?
    2. Is the quality of your work up to professional standards?
    3. Is there a hook that will make your book irresistible to readers and the media? Have you captured the core messages in a way that solves reader problems?
    4. Who is the most likely buyer book? Is that market large enough for credible book sales?
    5. Do you have a good organizational structure for the book?
    6. Do you have the time/skill to write the book yourself or should you consider working with a ghostwriter?
    7. Strategies and a plan, including preliminary time and cost estimates, to determine the right answers for you on the major questions involved in book publishing:
    8. Establishing which publishing option is right for you right now
    9. Creating a professional team – What work will you yourself and what will you/should you outsource and who will you trust to do this work
    10. How to maximize the market potential in the book itself and the brand for other products
  • Ongoing support to refine the format and material, overcome challenges and concerns and to keep the project on track and on budget. A month of coaching generally includes 2 telephone coaching sessions, 60 minutes each, as needed to forward the project, and unlimited email correspondence. It also includes critiques of work and feedback as needed.
  • Ten hours of coaching with no expiration date (non-refundable)- One upfront payment of $2,000 as a retainer (4 payment plan available)

    I also offer a simple review of your book proposal or publishing contract.

    You are finished with writing a book proposal and want a thorough review or help with contract negotiations so you can have more success with your publisher.

    1. Want to know if your book proposal is ready to go and how to attract the right publisher? I can review your proposal and help you connect in a way to increase the likelihood of success.

    2. Want to know if you are getting the best deal you can with a publisher? I can review your contract and give you my assessment with negotiation points so you know what is reasonable to expect.

    Includes a one-time review of your book proposal or your book publishing contract with comments in writing and discussion by phone. Also includes a re-review phone call if you make changes you want critiqued after our call.