Getting Started

During my nearly 30 years as a publishing executive, author and consultant, I have seen our industry transformed, and never more than right now. You want to write a great book, create a beautiful cover and achieve sales success.

As authors today, we enjoy unprecedented opportunities – but also face the risk of an expensive learning curve. And the big question becomes who can I trust to value my work and help me publish it well.

How do you start (or finish) a book?
Name the day you want to start your book – maybe that is today! You might start by writing some notes, the outline for one of your chapters, or (and this is what I recommend), start by looking through anything you’ve already written like blog posts, client proposals, emails or audio recordings from teleseminars that belong in your book.

Learning to write a book takes some time, so don’t expect yourself to start with chapter one and go from there. Your first notes might be brief and focus on the message of the whole book or focus on just one small part. You might even decide someone else can do the writing better than you by interviewing you and organizing your thoughts – a ghostwriter.

This is where a book coach can be a tremendous asset. Unless you’ve done this before a book coach can teach you how to write a book – how to take what are now just random ideas and organize them into something that other people will enjoy and benefit from.

What is it like working with a book coach?

In a word, energizing. Doing a book alone makes it easy to not stay focused and working and it is easy to get discouraged and put it away.

Knowing you have an upcoming appointment with your book coach means you have a commitment. Every time we talk, whether that is weekly, every other week, or monthly, depending on your other commitments you will leave with next steps and you will be clear on what to do next.

No matter where you are today in the book writing/publishing process, whether you are just starting, your book outlined with some notes, manuscript almost finished or your first draft completed, I can help you make the right decisions on creating your best manuscript and publishing it the right way for you.

I am on a mission to prevent authors from making the mistake of using illegitimate publishers and help them to have a more enjoyable and successful, customized publishing journey.

My continuing commitment is to provide the tools and resources authors need to succeed. I have personally worked with every resource that I recommend and I never take a fee or commission from any of the independent professionals I refer authors to, like editors or cover designers. Nor does the author ever pay me (or any resource I recommend) a royalty or commission. You benefit fully from your own intellectual property.

If you self publish and hire a virtual author’s assistant (which I highly recommend), you will continue to have access to me for questions and/or advice, even after publication. I have author clients who still email me with questions or concerns years after they were published.