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In addition to the demanding task of developing a manuscript, authors are now responsible for a wide array of publishing and marketing hats.
Jan B. King, the respected publishing executive turned strategist and consultant, created the Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program (VAATP), to fill this growing need.

Authors worldwide are turning to highly-trained and certified Virtual Author’s Assistants (VAAs) to help them navigate the publishing process.

Good money – meaningful work!
As a VAA certified by this respected industry source, you will gain instant recognition as a skilled professional who:
• is an invaluable resource, offering over 40 core services to authors worldwide.
• collaborates with interesting and creative authors who need your help to make their book publishing dreams come true.
• attracts potential clients hungry for your specific skills through our free Directory at

Virtual training
Virtual learning provides the best course at the best price – on your schedule.
No more waiting for course materials to arrive… or teleclasses to start.
You save the cost of shipping fees (especially relevant for international students).
We save on printing and shipping – and pass the savings on to you.

For a Virtual world

You can train from anywhere in the world – and work for anyone in the world.
• Your training will be relevant whether you train in the United States or Australia, India, the UK, Canada – or nearly anywhere else.
• You will receive specific information for each country.

Instant recognition
Your professionally-recognized VAA certification assures clients that you ‘know your stuff’ and:
• a serious professional, ready to help them attain their marketing goals.

Our Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program (VAATP) includes:

  • over 40 easy-to-use checklists, sample emails and forms.
  • marketing support through our free Author’s Assistant Directory.
  • links to industry professionals.

For the LIFE of your business

As the publishing industry continues to change, we will update you through articles, downloads and blog posts – for the LIFE of your business.

YES, you get it all, at no extra cost – ever. Have you ever heard of a promise like this?

SECTION 1 Manuscript Creation
Target Reader Research, Fact Check Information, Get Permissions, Coordinate Audience Reviews, Research Potential Publishers, Prepare Manuscripts for Submission

SECTION 2 Publishing
Coordinate Process, Coordinate Testimonials. Book Cover Organization, Obtain ISBN, Library of Congress, Prepare an eBook, Get a Book Printed, Review the Printer’s Proof, Sell to Bookstores and Other Retail. Get the Copyright Registered

SECTION 3 Book Marketing
Coordinate Book Marketing, Get Industry Reviews, Coordinate Author Website, Coordinate with the Media, Get Listed and Maximize Amazon, Create a Virtual Book Tour, Enter Book Awards Competitions

SECTION 4 Marketing to Authors
Identify Authors as Business Prospects, Get Referrals from Networking, Create Clients from Prospects, Create Great Client Relationships, Speak and Write to Attract Business, Create Media Opportunities

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