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A book proposal is used by authors to convince publisher to invest in a new book. When a publisher decides to publish a particular book, it is making what it hopes will be a smart business decision.

The publisher would like this book to be profitable and lead to more books that will enhance its reputation and lead to additional books and products.

Many would-be authors don’t get their books published and have the success that they should because they don’t have the time (or expertise) to write a winning book proposal.  That is the premise behind Eight Hours to a Winning Book Proposal.

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This practical guide helps you write a fully-developed proposal step by step and in context so that you know what a publisher needs to say “yes”. without having to read a 200 page manual. Written by Jan B. King who has worked with authors over 25 years, many who attended the annual Book Expo America where she introduced them to the publishers she has worked with for years.  She was the President and CEO (and acquisition editor) for a mid-sized publisher for seven years. This is the ultimate guide for those who have never written a book proposal but need to do it quickly and professionally. Bonus material that comes with the ebook: worksheets for the major sections, a 50 page transcript from a course developed from the ebook, sample book proposals and links to important resources.


Once you download the ebook, here are downloadable worksheets, audios and sample to use with the ebook.

Click here for a Book Proposal Class Transcript of a class given by Jan B. King
PDF, 59 pages

Trish Avery interviews 3 publishers to ask what they are looking for in book proposals
Audio MP3, 22 minutes
Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks; Joann Deck, Celestial Arts; Kathleen Hughes, Capital Books

Sample Book Proposals
Self Help Book Proposal
Teen Book Proposal

Sample Sell Sheets
Sell Sheet Sample 1
Sell Sheet Sample 2

“Jan King has been a lifesaver on my publishing journey. Her support and expertise have been instrumental in helping me a land a great book deal with one of my top-choice publishers. Jan is extremely knowledgeable and provides valuable insights into all aspects of the publishing process – from crafting the book proposal to writing the manuscript, from navigating BEA to reviewing the contract, and so much more.

I count on her for constructive feedback on my work, thoughtful answers to my questions, and sage advice every step of the way. She not only knows the ins-and-outs of the publishing industry, but she also gets the emotional ups and downs that come with writing a book. Her endless patience and encouragement keep me going.

Hands down, Jan has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business and I’ve recommended her to many friends and colleagues. If you’re an entrepreneurial woman wanting to get published, Jan will help you make that dream come true.”

Jennifer Lee, author
The Right-Brain Business Plan (New World Library, 2011
As a result of attending BEA  in  May 2009 and her own hard work, Jennifer signed a book contract with New World Library in December 2009. Her book came out in April 2011.